• Commodity:Gold
  • Form:Gold Dore Bar / Nugget
  • Size:22+ Carat
  • Purity:98.9%
  • Price:28,000 USD/KG Negotiable
  • Origin:Congo

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Village Minerals - A gold dust store that will make you a billionaire

Do you think about the investments that have the best returns? Then gold should be number one on your list. This asset never goes out of fashion, preserving its value for decades. When you’re investing in gold, be it dust, nuggets, or bars, your risks are close to zero. This precious metal is the least available on the earth, and it is easily predictable that its price will rise with each year.

If you’re racking your brain about where to buy gold dust, you’re not alone. Numerous investors and casual people seek suppliers who sell this yellow metal in bulk and at reasonable rates. There are only a few gold dust stores available on the market. And we’re proud to be among them. Village Minerals is a leading supplier of high-purity gold originating from Congo. We have capacities to cover all stages of this mineral production, from mining and transportation to processing. We guarantee the highest purity of gold dust for sale, offering negotiable prices. No hidden fees or extra charges are involved. With us, you get exactly what you paid for.

Make the right investment buying gold dust from Congo

There are numerous reputable businessmen among the Village Minerals store clients. We pride ourselves on being the leading supplier of 22+ carat gold in the world, with a long history and thousands of lucrative deals behind our belt. You can either buy gold dust online or schedule an appointment with our representative in your country to check the purity of the minerals by yourself. We strive to do our business transparently, paying taxes and holding all records. That is why you can rest easy, knowing that your partnership with us will be not only lucrative but safe.


Become Richest Businessman!

Do not lose your chance to fall into the ranks of the global richest businessmen by investing in raw gold that costs as little as $28K per kilo. For the most sophisticated clients who are ready to play big, we offer a selection of rough diamonds. Just imagine what exquisite jewelry pieces can be made from these precious natural minerals.

We support goldsmiths worldwide, offering them top-notch rough gold at low prices. You won’t find better rates than we offer as we apply traditional approaches for gold panning and do not spend much money on its procession. On top of that, working with us, you support about a million families around Congo. At Village Minerals, we strive to patronate locals by creating job opportunities, building schools, roads, and hospitals. Doing good deeds is simple! Become our client, and save thousands of people from poverty!