Natural Rough Diamonds


  • Available quantity15000 Karat Ready
  • Purity:IF FL VVs 1 and VVS 2
  • color:D- E- F- G
  • Carat:3-50 Carat
  • Origin:Congo
  • Present Location:Kenya

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Village Minerals - The best store to buy natural diamonds not laying waste to your wallet

Diamonds have existed long before the appearance of life on Earth. They hide from us at a depth of 100 miles, so no wonder why these minerals are so unique and valuable. These days, diamondiferous kimberlites, ancient underground volcanic pipes containing natural reserves, are extremely rare. The existing scarce deposits of natural diamonds are constantly depleting, resulting in a significant reduction in the global amount of mined rough stones. This stimulates a continuous boost of gems’ value on the global market.

Our rich Congo-based deposit can provide you with raw gems of exceptional quality that come of various clarity. They are good for medical and nuclear industries as well as for jewelry making and as a proven investment option.

What comprises the value of our rough natural diamonds for sale

Rough diamonds extracted by Village Mineral can be compared to fingerprints – you’ll never find two identical ones. That’s why we cannot evaluate all our gems at the same price. Our company adheres to the world standards of rough stones evaluation. The 4 primary qualities identifying the gem’s price are:

Carat: It is the stone’s weight. One carat equals 0.2 grams. When you are familiar with the cutting canons, carats can predict the size of the stone. The larger the diamond is, the more expensive it is. At Village Minerals, we offer stones of various carat options, all in their pristine brilliance and natural excellence.
Color: Some diamonds are valued for their colorlessness, but far from all are transparent and come in different color shades. Due to micro-differences in chemical composition, reactions to radiation, and plastic changes in the atomic lattice, gems acquire different shades. The most affordable colored natural diamonds for sale are yellow.
Clarity: Natural diamonds can have various inclusions and defects. Usually, they can be viewed with a 10x magnifying glass. It is rather complicated to discern the difference between the purest stone and an analog with a pair of inclusions with the naked eye. After a thorough analysis, our diamonds are classified and stored by IF, FL, VVs 1, and VVS 2 categories.


Shape: Real natural diamonds, born in the Earth’s bowels, come in different shapes. The structure of the carbon atoms is reflected in a gem’s appearance. The octahedron, resembling two pyramids back to back, is the most common shape. The dodecahedron-shaped stones often come as well. Rough diamonds of this form are less pointed compared to the octahedron.
If you have trouble selecting the right category of diamonds or need professional price calculation, our specialists are always happy to help. Contact us and get qualified answers to all your questions.

Scoop up the best-quality uncut diamonds at the leading gems supplier

At Village Minerals, we know everything about diamonds since we don’t just supply stones but extract them in the Congo’s mines. The set price on natural rough diamonds has been proven by many years of experience and international certificates. We bet you won’t find a better quality-price ratio on the precious gems market. Diamonds from Village Minerals have gone through a long way to give their unique properties to you and your business. Our range of natural stones is constantly replenished. We bet you won’t find a better quality-price ratio on the market of precious gems. Buy uncut diamonds from us to invest in your prosperous future.