Uncut Rough Diamonds


  • Available quantity15000 Karat Ready
  • Purity:IF FL VVs 1 and VVS 2
  • color:D- E- F- G
  • Carat:3-50 Carat
  • Origin:Congo
  • Present Location:Kenya

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Village Minerals - Raw uncut diamonds for sale right from the entrails of the earth

Diamonds are considered one of the most valuable and useful minerals. But far from everyone knows that only 20% of all diamonds mined are destined to become jewelry pieces. The other 80% are widely used in industry, medicine, and technology. Raw uncut diamond in its pristine form, taken from the earth’s bowels, greatly differs from the common perception. Most people would never define it in a handful of glass pieces polished by the sea wave.
What does an uncut diamond look like? It resembles a dull, oily-looking shard of glass for a non-professional eye. The true value of this precious gem can be determined with specialized equipment only. If you are out of professional tools or have never worked with stones before, you are better off shopping from trusted suppliers who provide certification for their precious merchandise.

Fortunately, you are now in the right place. At Village Minerals, we strive to keep everything under control, carefully managing gems mining, transportation, and certification. At our sore, you’re offered grade-A uncut raw diamonds for sale that originate from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We sell them at competitive rates to ensure our clients benefit from lucrative deals.

How raw uncut diamonds find practical use in various industries?

Jewelry and heavy industry are major spheres of diamonds’ application. Industrial stones can be easily distinguished as they feature numerous cracks, cavities, darker-colored chips, and impurities. These gems will never become a basis for jewelry pieces. Village Minerals suggests uncut diamonds for sale for different business purposes:

Construction works. Drills, saws, and knives with special diamond powder coating handle granite, marble, and concrete, punch and drill holes of any diameter.

Medicine. Technical diamonds are used in manufacturing surgical scalpels, scissors, clamps, and dental equipment. Another area of applying raw uncut diamonds is medical lasers.

Telecommunications. Rough diamonds work as conductors, providing the passage of several-frequency telephone lines through one cable.

Chemical industry. Diamonds can resist acids, alkalis, and high pressure, which is crucial for experimenting with various coatings.

Nuclear industry. In the nuclear industry, diamonds are used to make more accurate nuclear radiation detectors to measure fast particles’ speed.


Mining. Machinery, provided with cutting and punching diamond-coated parts, is actively used in mining and oil and gas exploration.

Computer engineering. Diamonds serve as a good basis for creating reliable quantum computers. They work as optical quantum network elements, super-sensitive sensors.

Jewelry. The minerals find usage here as both objects and means of processing. Diamond-coated equipment is a prerequisite for high-quality cutting.

Investments. Rough diamonds are worth being considered as one of the most reliable investor’s assets as their price never drops heavily. Plus, they do not lose their initial appearance for centuries.

Village Minerals provides high-quality uncut diamonds!

The practical use of rough diamonds is unlimited. In case you cannot decide on the type of stones you need, we will gladly consult you on this issue.

Village Minerals provides high-quality uncut diamonds of different clarity, weight, color, and shape. We mine natural stones in Congo deposits and deliver them worldwide. When you buy rough diamonds from us, you get first-class natural stones at the most affordable rates. If you need advice on choosing the right raw diamonds, don’t hesitate to ask your questions. At Village Minerals, we are not selling just stones; we are selling opportunities.