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Accept Greetings from Prince Franklin of the Lendu Kingdom , A village located around Mongbwalu Community. Mongbwalu is a small town in the Djugu Territory of the Ituri Province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Mongbwalu lies within the Kilo-Moto region and has long been a center of gold mining, with three nearby underground industrial mines: Adidi, Senzere and Makala. As of 2008 the town had a population of about 50,000, mostly Banyali and Lendu, but with people from many other ethnic groups who have been attracted by the gold mining opportunities. Around 25,000 to 30,000 men, women and children in the region around Mongbwalu were engaged in gold mining, transport and processing. Much of the gold extracted in Mongbwalu is traded across the border to Uganda.

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Village Minerals is a leading supplier of high-purity gold and diamonds originating from Congo.

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With our precious metal, your business will thrive and acquire a multitude of new clients. There is no better way to gain respect from your customers than offering them high-quality products, and we are happy to help you with that.

Natural Rough Diamonds

Ever wondered why diamonds are so valuable? Their brilliance is something that shines through the darkest days. As the gemstones that take billions of years to form deep in the Earth, diamonds are distinctly rare.

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There is a high demand in natural precious minerals. Many dealers and collectors argue that today, fine minerals are a better investment than many, more conventional forms of asset investment. This includes gemstones, which have traditionally been considered a safe haven against inflation, and are also relatively easy to sell. It is worth to know that, as incomes increase in developing countries, the demand for precious metals, and other natural resources tends to increase as well.

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